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"Trip" (audiobook) [Book 1 in "The Sensual Portal" time travel series]

"Trip" (audiobook) [Book 1 in "The Sensual Portal" time travel series]

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An immersive audiobook produced with a mix of human and AI voices, music and sound effects.

ABOUT THE BOOK: She's ready to embrace more passion, adventure, and liberation. As a successful interior decorator in her 40s, Trish is eager to reignite the fire and desire within her.

She has the big house.

She has the luxury car.

She has the loving husband, but she craves passion and intimate thrill.

Trapped in a picture of perfection, she feels a void inside.

In her quest for excitement, Trish discovers the electrifying world of “Jump,” where psychedelic trips lead to otherworldly adventures and unlock hidden desires. These exhilarating journeys might test her life's stability and her marriage, but they offer a chance to rediscover herself.

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