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Whiskey Dungeon (audiobook)

Whiskey Dungeon (audiobook)

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In Cheril N. Clarke's Whiskey Dungeon, a successful yet discontented Morgan Carter feels trapped in pursuing money, status, and power. With the addition of musicsound effects, and dynamic character narrations, you'll be fully immersed in Morgan's journey as she grapples with the consequences of solely pursuing money, status, and power.

After the sudden loss of her mother, Morgan realizes the emptiness of her existence and goes on a soul-searching journey to rediscover herself. Along the way, she encounters a surprising love interest who challenges her in and out of the bedroom. However, amidst her newfound path toward personal growth, Morgan also faces another unexpected loss.

Whiskey Dungeon is not just an audiobook—it's an enthralling auditory adventure that combines Cheril N. Clarke's compelling storytelling with captivating audio elements. Get ready to be transported into Morgan's world and experience a tale of self-discovery like never before.

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