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Whiskey Dungeon (ebook)

Whiskey Dungeon (ebook)

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In Cheril N. Clarke's Whiskey Dungeon, a successful yet discontented Morgan Carter feels trapped in pursuing money, status, and power. After the sudden loss of her mother, Morgan realizes the emptiness of her existence and embarks on a soul-searching journey to rediscover herself. As she grapples with the absence of her once all-consuming career goals, Morgan finds herself in a strange new stage of life without rules or predefined milestones of success. Along the way, she encounters a surprising love interest with enticing kinks and experiences passionate and erotic encounters that awaken her desires. However, amidst her newfound path toward personal growth, Morgan also faces another unexpected loss. Whiskey Dungeon is a must-read for anyone seeking a thought-provoking, sexy, and heartfelt tale of self-discovery.

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